emoji®, Tropicosméticos Announce Oral Care Collection

The emoji company is celebrating its five-year partnership with Tropicosméticos in Mexico to launch an oral care product line.  

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with Tropicosméticos,” says Marco Huesges, chief executive officer and founder, The emoji company. “The entire product portfolio is truly innovative and of high quality and creative standards. The line of products, such as the toothpaste with kids beloved bubble gum flavor, supports kids to keep their regular habit of daily oral hygiene.”

The collection, targeting kids, contains four toothbrush designs and eight new designs for toothpaste. It will be available in mass-market retailers, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide. 

“Our firm is committed to satisfy the requirements of our customers and retailers, being always at the forefront in the innovation of products,” says Alexis Mijares, chief executive officer, Tropicosméticos company. “Together with The Emoji Company, we created a great product line for the Mexican marketplace.”