The thumbs-up emoji icon

Digital communication in the 21st century needs to be fast and intuitive. We no longer communicate only with letters. When we want to express feelings, we use icons – in the digital world so called emojis – to do so. These are pictograms in the form of expressive faces, hand signs or objects of all kinds. The first digital emojis were developed in 1999 for a Japanese mobile phone provider. Although they consisted of only a few pixels at the time, they quickly became a trend in Japan.

Today, more than 10 billion digital emojis are sent every day. Why did those icons catch on so quickly? Because everyone understands them immediately – regardless of language. An emoji icon that shows “thumbs up” stands for approval. It unmistakably says “All right” or simply “Okay.” This works not only in text messages, but also in advertising and brand building – whether online, TV, print or retail.

The emoji company is the creator and the owner of the emoji® brand and the leading international licensor for official emoji® brand icons of any kind. Since 2015, the emoji® brand has won multiple awards and the emoji company entered into partnerships with more than 1,000 well-known licensing partners from various industry sectors who use our vibrant brand and related content as a powerful tool for developing consumer products, promotions or entertainment services. In addition to that our partners use emoji® brand icons for the integration into PR, marketing and advertising campaigns all around the globe.

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Thumbs up – the emoji icon for “I like that”

The integration of official emoji® brand icons into PR, marketing and product campaigns has a proven track record in national and international campaigns. No other brand can convey emotions so quickly and intuitively than the official emoji® lifestyle brand. The thumbs-up emoji icon always stands for something positive. It expresses praise or approval and, depending on the context, stands for “I like that,” “I agree,” or “Good job.”

In social media, the thumbs-up gesture signals that someone likes something. In doing so, the thumbs-up emoji is highly suggestive. That is, it can automatically trigger a feeling of liking in the viewer. This is an effect that you can take advantage of for your products or your advertising campaigns.

emoji® brand icons in different colors and shapes

There are many different types of thumbs-up icons. The simplest variant is a pure hand sign. Here, the hand can be seen from the front or the side and appear in different styles – for example, round, square or black bordered.

Alternatively, there is the icon with a face. Here, too, you have a variety of choices – with an open or closed mouth, with red cheeks or with two thumbs up. Another variation option is the skin color of the emoji icons. They come in yellow, with light, medium light, medium dark or dark skin color. It’s up to you to decide which type of thumbs up emoji icon best suits your business.

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We offer more than 25.000 by copyrighted protected emoji® brand icons which are available for licensing.

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