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We are the creator of one the most expressive and influential global lifestyle brands. We are the exclusive rights owner of the registered and protected emoji® trademark in up to 45 classes in more than 150 countries around the globe.


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Collaborations are important for brands to reach to a new audience. When two brands come together they both bring their loyal fan bases with them and create a collection of products outside their typical design in a refreshing and unique style. Enjoy!


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We are the owner of the globally registered and protected emoji® Brand and creator

of thousands of emoji® Brand Icons and Designs available for licensing and merchandising.

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The emoji® Brand is one of the most expressive and colorful brands. We have been globally awarded as one of the most influential brands across the world. Our target audience is universal and our brand is beloved by people of any age and gender.


Our clients include more than 1300 noteworthy corporations from the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, the entertainment, promotional or advertising sector.

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