emoji® your life – emoji® your business!

We are visual animals.  To see means to believe and we use our eyes to make sense of the world around us. Our visual perception and interpretation of what is happening around is what dominates our life. We love the power of meaningful and expressive art and pictures and we all know the phrase “pictures can say more than a thousand words”. Here at the emoji company we know the importance and value of iconic content, pictures, icons and pictograhps better than anyone else.

A product or service does not instantly communicate on its own, but an emoji® brand icon surely does. In fact, it communicates elegantly, translating into pictures a lot of things you cannot put into words. Moreover, it allows global communication without spreading loss.

Brand communication needs to be highly personalized these days if you want to be competitive. And if your brand is aiming to make a difference in the market, then the emoji® brand is the perfect brand to connect and work with.

Leading companies and large consumer brands cooperate with the emoji® brand and utilize the communicative and iconic power of the brand for their product and marketing campaigns.

Since 2013, the emoji® life style brand has entered into more than 1000 licensing partnerships with companies worldwide. With a library of thousands of emoji® brand icons (literally! there are among 25.000, and the list is ever-expanding), the emoji® brand provides tailor made content strategies for corporations, brands and celebrities.

If you can spell it, we will turn it into an iconic emoji® brand experience– guaranteed!

Many top brands are working with the emoji® brand, such as Zara, Puma, Kipling, New Era, L’Oreal, Ferrero and Danone – just to name a few. These industry captains and market leaders are experts in the field of fast-moving consumer products, they understand the market and consumer trends and together with the emoji® brand they develop unique and recognizable collaborations and campaigns under official license.

Conveying universal and unmistakable consumer messages for a global target audience is the main target for our partners and licensees and the emoji® brand is the perfect ingredient to express emotions of any kind.

Any company that is interested in exploring such opportunities can contact the emoji companies headquarters at licensing@emoji.com for a brainstorm session and creative exchange before becoming an official licensee.