Emoji moves into the dairy aisle with Chilean food giant Watt’s

The Emoji brand is entering the dairy aisle this season thanks to an exclusive new partnership with the Chilean food and beverage company, Watt’s.

Under the new deal, a range of Emoji-branded diary products will continue to roll out across South America. The campaign kicked off in February with Emoji-branded lines of some of Watt’s best-loved products, including Yogu Yogu, Shake Shake, and Lonco Leche.

Continuing until December this year, the promotion consists of 104 emoji collectable stickers that can be found in the 200 ml milk boxes.

“Watt´s is fully engaged with its consumers, and this is reflected in each of their different products,” said Miriam Camara, head of licensing and promotions at TBC Licensing Agency, Chile.

As a food manufacturer, Watt’s follows its own mission statement of providing nutritious, and good quality products to the consumers, allowing them to make healthy food choices.

“It’s been really exciting to see our brand related to healthy products, promoting a positive lifestyle,” said Marco Hüsges, CEO and founder, the Emoji Company. “The power of communication is what the emoji brand stands for and this is yet another perfect collaboration of two well-known and established brands.”

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