Emoji Milks Dairy Deal

104 Emoji collectible stickers were added to Watt’s Chile dairy products as part of a deal with the Emoji Company.

The Emoji Company has partnered with Watt´s Chile to bring 104 Emoji collectible stickers to dairy products.

The promotion, launched in February and continuing through the end of the year, will see Emoji stickers being sold with Watt’s products such as Yogu Yogu, Shake Shake and Lonco Leche.

“It’s been really exciting to see our brand related to healthy products, promoting a positive lifestyle,” says Marco Hüsges, chief executive officer and founder, The Emoji Company. “The power of communication is what the Emoji brand stands for, and this is yet another perfect collaboration of two well-known and established brands.”

Emoji has previously worked with food companies including Hershey’s and Ferrero.

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