emoji fashion®: exclusive fashion styles with official emoji® brand icons!

Can you chat with your friends without using these cute little images? Can you exactly convey what you want to transmit to your social media fam without these expressive cuties? Probably the answer is a BIG FAT NO!

Beloved digital emojis have not only taken over the way we communicate today but have become a part of almost every aspect of our daily lives. Thanks to the emoji® brand they are now everywhere – on thrilling accessories, on cushions, mobile covers, backpacks, cosmetics, on food and beverages, on toys and so many other things – it is a true plethora of other options.

Like everything else, the contemporary fashion industry, too, is heavily influenced by emoji® brand icons. Today, in fashion-related communication, official emoji® brand icons are used as a medium to express, and today the fashion industry expresses itself with the emoji® brand.

In this blog, let’s have a look at some of the most trending icon-inspired outfits for men, women, boys and girls.

This hoodie is one of the coolest things you’ll find on the internet. The dust blue with a bright yellow wide eye is the need of the hour!

BRB (The writer is busy ordering 6 of these beauties). Perfect white with the emoji® brand in pink. Impressive!

My go-to emoji® brand pajama is here. I can totally imagine the comfort and cuteness that I will feel after slipping in this pajama set.

This picture contains more coolness than my entire life (insert crying emoji® brand icons). This is a perfect go-to T-shirt when you want to show someone coolness is your last name.

Me, every time someone says ‘cupcakes‘! A beautiful outfit to get everyone in the room to smile.

Is it just me, or you too, feel that this kid’s expression deserves a special icon of its own? I am completely in for an emoji® brand icon as indifferent as his expression, speaking of which…that amazing sweatshirt and the matching jacket are a fantastic combo!

Moving on from one dessert to another! Take a moment and just admire this little pie with his stunning T-shirt. No wonder icons are the go-to prints for most of the leading kid brands as these beautiful smiley images enhance the cuteness quotient of these already cute little beings.

Raise your hand if you need this kind of positivity in your life! A perfect yellow monotone skirt with ruffles and a top with the brightest happy cat emoji® icon on it, what else do you need in life?

Infinite heart icons with infinite multiplied by two kiss emoji® brand icons for this pretty little ‘laughing with a wide mouth and open eyes’ emoji® brand dress, and the equally cute dumpling wearing it.

Just the perfect look! High street kids fashion infused by the designs of the emoji® brand. What a feeling!