ALDI brings music to life in a spectacular, new emoji® campaign together with Boost!

Music is emotion and emoji® is music !

We are thrilled to announce that ALDI Belgium launches a 3rd #emoji collectible campaign, named emoji® beats in collaboration with Boost ! Thank you ALDI and all partners involved in this campaign for the fantastic cooperation !

24 unique emoji® beats characters are available from 27 August to 8 October. In return for every €15 of purchase value, ALDI shoppers receive a cool emoji® figure for free.

The promotion has been tailor made for #ALDI and contains special customized music emoji® icons. They are packaged in environmentally friendly FSC® cardboard boxes. Each figurine has a suction cup so kids, teens and adults can stick them anywhere they want. A plastic free collector’s box from 100% FSC® can be purchased for 2.49 Euro. The box contains two FSC®game boards to play funny music related games on two different levels of difficulty.

The emoji® Brand is popular with all genders, all age groups, and the iconic universally understandable language of emoji® communication overcomes all language barriers.

Rewarding customers with a free emoji® will strengthen Aldi’s relationship with customers and attract new shoppers of all ages.

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