teams with emoji® to celebrate World Emoji Day this July 17th

Glance to the right. Not too far, because that’s probably your kitchen, but just to the right of these words. There you go. Is that a face familiar to you? In fact, it very well could be yours.

What you may have noticed as you scroll through’s daily content of news from across the industry, is a movement in your peripheral vision. If you currently have the sound on – and we strongly urge you to do so – on your home office set-up, you’ll no doubt already be aware that is running a new sponsored video feature in its side-bar.

The reason being, is that we are counting down to World Emoji Day – taking place on July 17th this year – with a special campaign running in partnership with The emoji company, to celebrate the strength and appeal of this award-winning, world-spanning lifestyle brand with a special show reel of emoji® licensees walking us through their own experiences with the emoji brand.

You might be watching Andrew Storey at IDG Design Group, Lauren Madden at Lazer Built, Charlie Preece at Kokomo, or the Wow! Stuff family showing off their production and editing skills as well as their license with The Emoji Company for its own range of collectables. Over the next couple of weeks, and in  the build up to World Emoji Day on July 17th, you can expect to see more faces joining the roster, too.

There will be more sponsored content to come, too – expect more video content, exclusive interviews, and a site takeover as prepares to celebrate this year’s World Emoji Day in true emoji® fashion.