Preparing the World’s biggest easter celebration, Lojas Americanas signs an exclusive partnership with emoji®- The Iconic Brand

emoji® The Iconic Brand alongside Lotus Global have partnered with Top Cau, who is a market leader in chocolate confectionery in Brazil and well- known worldwide for their vast range of chocolate products such as eggs with a surprise, tablets and snacks. Top Cau brings a wealth of experience to the brand, developing unique and innovative products that stand out at retail.

The most expected day for adults and children in Brazil is coming and the retailer Lojas Americanas, is preparing the world’s biggest Easter celebration, selling 80 gram D’elicce chocolate eggs with 1 of the 6 collectible emoji® stickers inside and the second: a 160 gram chocolate egg with a “ZzZ” lamp, referring to the well-known sleepy emoji ® icon.

For the emoji company, it is a great pleasure to be part of this important moment for children and adults, thru this amazing partnership with Lojas Americanas and its own brand D’elicce”, says Marco Hüsges, CEO and Founder of the emoji company.