The heart – emoji – icon

It has never been easier to express your feelings without speech. Why? Because there are digital emojis, so-called icons or pictographs. These are stylized representations of faces, hand signs and almost any object imaginable. They were first developed in 1999 for a Japanese mobile phone provider.  The use of icons simplified digital communication and quickly became a trend in Japan. It is hard to imagine the 21st century digital age without the expressive power of digital emojis. Every day, people around the world send more than 10 billion via Messenger and other media.

What is so special about them? How did they manage to quickly conquer the world within such a short period of time? Quite simply, they are intuitive. That means everyone immediately understands what they mean, regardless of the language spoken. A heart emoji icon stands for affection. It says “I love you.” Depending on the type of heart icon, it can also mean that someone likes something – for example, a picture or a video. Basically, the heart emoji icon always stands for something positive. It has this unmistakable effect not only in chat. The integration of icons into product and marketing campaigns is a marvelous tool that works not only online, but also on television, in print media, or in connection with fast moving consumer goods.

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The emoji company is the creator and the exclusive owner of the globally protected and trademarked emoji® brand.

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We offer and own the rights to the world´s largest library of by copyright protected emoji® brand icons available for legal emoji licensing, merchandising, promotions & events and are an integrative part of international advertisement & social media campaigns.

Since 2014 more than 1,000 well-known emoji licensing corporations from various industry sectors partnered with the emoji® brand and have been using our expressive brand and our icons under license for their individual campaigns of any kind.

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The red heart – a symbol for love, romance and passion

The red heart has always stood for everything that has to do with affection. It is no coincidence that it is the symbol of the Valentine’s Day. Among friends, it means “I like you” or “I love you.” For couples, on the other hand, it means love, romance and passion.

On social networks like Instagram or Snapchat, users express their liking through the heart. They signal that they adore something. This is where the special effect of the respective icon comes into play: each icon is powerful and suggestive. Icons trigger a positive feeling to the viewer regardless of the medium.

Simple or fancy – emoji® brand icons are available in numerous variations!

Next to the thumb’s up emoji® brand icon, the heart emoji® brand icon is one of the most versatile icons. Our icons come in numerous variations – in glossy, flat, in line art, in 3d or even animated. The heart also does not always have to be red. It can also appear in yellow, green, blue, purple, black or pink. And by adding subtleties to the appearance of the icon, you can customize the effect for the viewer. For example, a broken heart stands for sorrow. A heart with an arrow stands for a new love.

Whatever you need!

The emoji company offers a carefree licensing package consisting of the emoji® brand and more than 25,000 protected emoji® brand icons, patterns and designs for legal licensing and merchandising.

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