Gigi Coffee Enters Collaboration with emoji®-The Iconic Brand

emoji icons will appear in Gigi Coffee outlets in Malaysia starting May 1.

The emoji® brand has partnered with Medialink, local agent of emoji®-The Iconic Brand in Malaysia and Gigi Coffee. 

As a lifestyle coffee brand, Gigi Coffee’s brand identity is about inspiring people and spreading good vibes through a cup of great coffee. By teaming up with the emoji® brand and its icons, Gigi Coffee delivers a brand message across the market – to express oneself through coffee, just like people express themselves daily using a range of digital icons.  

The collaboration can be found in all Gigi Coffee outlets in Malaysia starting on May 1. 

“The Gigi Coffee X emoji® brand collaboration is a truly emotional and expressive partnership to make all coffee lovers out there feel happy when enjoying the products and services from Gigi Coffee,” says Marco Hüsges, chief executive officer, the emoji company. “It´s another great execution and proof how well the emoji® brand works in the promotional segment.”