emoji®, CARD Swipe Prepaid Card Deal

CARD Corporation, a lifestyle mobile banking leader has partnered with emoji® to expand its offering of prepaid cards. The deal was brokered by Retail Monster, the emoji company’s North American licensing agent.
“CARD.com offers its customers a variety of designs to choose from, which allows for more of a personal touch to prepaid cards,” says Marco Hüsges, chief executive officer and founder, the emoji Company. “By adding the emoji brand and its official emoji icons, they are adding a new and more expressive flair to the current offering. To us, this was a very natural alliance. I think the designs really speak for themselves – a perfect blend of personalized expression.”
This range features the emoji brand’s digital icons and designs. The collection launched its first wave in April 2020 and includes more than 100 different designs to choose from.
“CARD.com has a design for everyone and everyone can find a design that suits them and their lifestyle,” says Linda Castillon, senior vice president, licensing, CARD.com.