The emoji company supports 50808 crisis response campaign.

The emoji company has offered its support to a new initiative from 50808, a service that provides in-the-moment support for people in emotional crisis, by supplying the platform with its extensive library of emoji brand icons. The partnership was struck in order to help those in need easily communicate when seeking help.

Launched in Ireland, the partnership was devised by the local creative agency, Havas Dublin, as a means of enabling those in need to communicate through a universal language.

Ian Power, CEO at 50808, said: “Our service provides in-the-moment support for people in emotional crisis, over text. For our Irish launch campaign, we wanted to compel those who prefer to text, rather than talk. Havas Dublin came up with the idea of conveying this important message through the universal language and with the help of the emoji brand and we loved the concept. This required us to find a complete bank of emoji brand icons to utilize – and so the search began.”

Through its connection to the Vivendi network and Universal Music Group’s brand management and merchandising unit, Bravado, the partnership was cemented and the 50808 campaign brought to life.


“Our service aims to save lives, and we’re thrilled to have the support of the emoji company to help us in our efforts to encourage those who need us to reach out,” added Power.


Marco Hüsges, CEO and founder of The emoji company, added: “Supporting this humanitarian initiative of helping those in need is an honour for the emoji company. We are excited to work with Vivendi and Havas on this project.”

50808 is now live. Visit for more information.