New Food and Drink License for emoji company.

The emoji company continues extending their food and beverage licensing program in Mexico with Las Sevillanas.

The famous traditional Mexican confectionary brand Las Sevillanas has developed a program that features a playful collection with six of the main emoji brand icons making a perfect match: the yellow circled wafers with the classic flavor of the goat milk, also known in Mexico as ‘cajeta’.

For the first time in history, Las Sevillanas decided to enter into the licensing business and chose emoji – The Iconic Brand to be applied in their traditional confectionary product. The tradition now engages children and teenagers with this new presentation. The program was launched during the Q1 of 2020 and is being sold in wholesalers and supermarkets around Mexico.

“We couldn’t think of a better partnership to continue building our brand in Mexico, emoji® and Sevillanas spray positive emotions to the youngest target that appreciate traditional candies.” says Marco Hüsges, CEO and Founder of the emoji company.