Hybrid Meta signs new licenses for digitally-connected merchandise authenticated on the blockchain

A raft of global brand owners have signed licensing agreements with Hybrid Meta, the world’s first eco-system for officially licensed limited-edition physical apparel and digital collectibles with blockchain authentication. The new deals are a global first for Hybrid Meta and mark a planned wave #1 of licenses and global product launches.

Hybrid Meta launched in January 2023 with Bloomingdales as the exclusive retail partner for the limited-edition high-end apparel line to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the world-renowned retailer. The drop partnered with Trillionaire Thugs, a hip-hop-inspired NFT collection, and Jumy the #1 NFT marketplace in MENA. This initial drop created stunning premium limited-edition fashion apparel, each with a digital collectable & exclusive VIP packaging.

Every physical product Hybrid Meta produces is authenticated as a digital collectable on a sustainable blockchain. An NFC tag attached to the product brings consumers access to unrivalled provenance and proof of authenticity, even down to the fabric origins, geo/meta-data of the product and the sustainability credentials of the supply chain.

Hybrid Meta have now signed with the global entertainment powerhouse emoji® – The iconic brand – for a unique fashion-led collection of limited-edition apparel, metaverse wearables & digital collectables to reflect the huge diversity of iconic design assets this iconic IP combines with its loyal global fanbase across all target demographics.

Hybrid Meta have also signed with Harlem Globetrotters, the legendary and iconic global basketball team and entertainment brand that has 97 years of amazing heritage and stunning artwork assets to utilize for their launch into the ‘phygital’ space.

‘Phygital’ or the bridge between the physical and virtual worlds is here, and Hybrid Meta is perfectly positioned as an ‘early-mover’ to capitalize on this exciting space offering both a retail and direct-to-consumer (DTC) model.

Hybrid Meta bridges the gap between the crypto-savvy community and mass adoption of virtual retail, offering both a physical and digital item as part of one purchase. They are engaging their IP partners’ global fans with live drops at inclusive prices which enables as many fans as possible to have the opportunity to own a rare and collectible licensed product of their favourite brand. All products produced by Hybrid are limited-edition using high-end sustainable materials across both the physical and digital collectable created by its in-house ‘Phygital Studio’.

The team have created a design and production infrastructure that enables them to create a unique variation on each artwork in a collection. For the top tier price point, fans can purchase one of up to 5,000 units where each product has a design variation, making every single item unique, rare, collectable and truly one-of-a-kind.

For the first time ever, brands and talent will be able to offer something that has true utility with regards to Web3 that has unequivocal authenticity and provenance that will resonate with their fans all over the world. Every single item produced comes with NFC tag embedded into the product that proves the product is genuine, rare, official, sustainable fashion that is produced in fair, sustainable working conditions in its smart factories.

Ben Nolan, Co-Founder & CEO, Hybrid Meta: “We are very much looking forward to entering the eSports, Entertainment and Sports sectors working alongside our fantastic wave #1 IP partners. Their energetic desire to be first movers in Web3; Bloomingdales, emoji, and Harlem Globetrotters are the perfect partners to launch this groundbreaking new world of digitally-connected fashion.”