emoji® to Take Over License Global for World Emoji Day

The CEO of emoji® shares why this year’s World Emoji Day is more critical than ever.

July 17 is World Emoji Day. What better company is there to celebrate the social media holiday than The emoji company? What better way to do it than to take over License Global’s social media channels for the day?

Before emoji takes over, Marco Hüsges, chief executive officer and managing director, The emoji company, spoke with License Global about what to expect from this year’s World Emoji Day.

Hüsges: With our activities around World Emoji Day, we celebrate the use of emoji brand icons worldwide and create more brand visibility and build brand equity. Our brand needs to stay closely connected with our partners and consumers and interact with them, especially on that day, showing the variety that lies in emoji and sharing happiness.

What makes this year’s World Emoji Day particularly unique?

Our brand stands for the purest form of expression and communication and unites people of any gender and age. This is a tough year; we are facing a global pandemic, but there will be better times, and we will get through this all together. Social cohesion is more important than ever, and via emoji, we can deliver confidence and companionship.

What can License Global followers expect from the social media takeover?  

Good vibrations; colorful designs combined with some product integration. Our activities during World Emoji Day are a potpourri of emotions to demonstrate the depth of the emoji brand and to underscore its lively universal character. We aim to spread joy and happiness on that day and punctuate the unique potential and wide scope of application of the emoji brand.

If you could create a new emoji, what would it be, and why? 

I want to create a hand-heart emoji® brand icon that stands for love and help worldwide. It is a gesture we all know and use. It expresses the deepest sympathy for one another and is a treasured but missing icon.

Find out what emoji want to create a hand-heart emoji brand icon has in store this year for World Emoji Day, when the company takes over License Global’s social media platforms on Friday, July 17, at 3 a.m. ET. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn for more.