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• emoji® is a registered trademark

• 280 license partner worldwide and rising

• Broad trademark protection in more than 25 classes

• 5000+ icons for cross category merchandising

• Individual Icon Design upon customer inquiry

Pictures can say more than a thousand words. Using icons within our digital communication has become the phenomenon of the 21st century. In 2013 the emoji company GmbH recognized the universal­ awareness and appeal of icons within the field of di­­­­­gital ­­communication.
Thereafter the idea was born to create an iconic lifestyle brand with an impressive library of icons available for cross category merchandising under one umbrella brand.

Three years later, the emoji company GmbH has successfully established the official emoji® brand and has entered into noteworthy partnerships around the globe.

With more than 280 license partner all over the world to date across all major product categories including stationary, homeware, toys, apparel, personal care and accessories of any kind the official emoji® brand has successfully established itself as the iconic lifestyle brand with infinite design options and with key retail listings worldwide.

The comprehensive style guide includes more than 5000 copy­righted icons which are suitable for the production of consumer products, for promotional activities, for co-branding purposes and for marketing arrangements.

Nikon | Cross Media Promotion
Nikon  |  Cross Media Promotion for Nikon D3400 Camera
Country: Worldwide  |  Launch date: 2016  |  Media: TV, Social Media, Web

Phoskitos | TV & Cross Promotion
Phoskitos  |  TV & Cross Promotion for Phoskitos
Country: Spain  |  Launch Date: 2016  |  Media: TV, Social Media, Internet, Print

Shopping Mall Turkey | In-Store Decoration
Shopping Mall Turkey  |  In-Store Decoration & Activities
Country: Turkey  |  Launch date: 2016 (through 2017 countrywide)  |  Media: Print, Social Media, POS

Big Brother | TV Product Placement Campaign
Gran Hermano (Big Brother Spain)  |  TV Product Placement Campaign
Country: Spain  |  Launch date: 2016  |  Media: TV, Social Media, Internet


We are the emoji company, the owner of the official emoji® trademark.

We offer a growing library of high resolution icons for commercial use and we are your official partner when it comes down to creating adorable fast moving consumer products (FMCG´s) under the official emoji® branding.

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Valuable content is essential to drive any brand.

By today the portfolio of the emoji company already contains more than 5000 in house created icons and / or illustrations available for immediate commercial use.

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Universal, fresh and addictive! Styles by emoji®

Products shown on this site have been created together with our license partners or serve as an indication for the variety of our iconic brand concept.

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The official emoji® brand.

emotional. multicutural. official. joyful. iconic.