CENTRO and the emoji Company collaborate to create student-designed style guides.

CENTRO and emoji Company align creativity, passion and commitment for a common goal: to be inspired by different cultures.

From March to May of this year, CENTRO institution of higher education dedicated to the professionalization of creativity and the emoji® brand, carried out a creative collaboration through which nine students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication (ComVis) designed three style guides composed by current socio-cultural themes such as tarot, tattoos and lucky charms.


The emoji® brand is among the leaders in the merchandising market for products of various genres, from children’s clothing and toys, food and beverages, promotions and loyalty programs, jewelry and technology worldwide. The variety of guides they offer to brands is vast, being able to offer themed images for almost any situation, memorable date or sentiment.


Through this project, promoted by CENTRO Estudio, a space that generates projects, experiences and relationships with the industry and institutions, and led by Uzyel Karp, Director of the Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication (ComVis), it is expected to extend the lines and collections of products for emoji Company and strengthen the practices and knowledge of students, one of the main goals of the institution. In this regard, Uzyel Karp said: “Students from different semesters of ComVis have participated in a project where they designed three series of style guides for the emoji® brand, inspired by everyday themes, where humor, surprise and fortune have been represented in the current language of digital communication, respecting the characteristic identity of the emoji® brand icons”.


Paulina Pérez, Global Commercial and Licensing Director of the emoji Company, was enthusiastic when considering that “the students of the Visual Communication career at Centro understood perfectly the emoji® brand DNA and proposed style guides that bring together objects, animals, places, signs and emotions that are synthesized in a minimalist, fun and dynamic iconography, which has been the spirit of the brand throughout its existence”.


It should be noted in this regard that emoji Company already has a portfolio of high-impact communication campaigns, to the extent that they collaborate with about 1,300 companies worldwide and have been awarded by Powerlist as the third most influential brand in the world, which translates the great scope of the creative, dynamic and imaginative qualities of their icons.


With actions like this, emoji Company consolidates itself as a brand close and receptive to the creativity of the new generations of students, boosting their efforts with recognition and the possibility of market participation.