A beastly good partnership!

The plush manufacturer Heunec and the emoji company, owner of the globally and multiple awarded and worldwide successful emoji® – The Iconic Brand – entered into a partnership, starting in autumn 2019, and will sell iconic toys and accessories for dogs.

On time for the Christmas season 2019 the iconic and expressive faces and figures will also decorate dog-accessories.

The dog-collection from Heunec guarantees great fun (there is no real translation for animal beasty fun) and premium products which will bring more colors and fun into a dog life and the dog owners. The collection includes the most popular emoji® brand icons laughing face, the devil, hearted eyes and the Poo. Rope toys, Throw- and fetch toys, dog baskets and mats as well as a key ring for the master and mistress of the dog.

You will find these products in the main pet stores around Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or you could get on line at