Tonies Just Launched Wellness Characters, Including One For Potty Training

Tonies, the company behind the award-winning screenless audio system for kids, has a new line of offerings—and there’s a figurine to help with potty training in the mix.
The newest Tonies are designed to help promote development in kids and meet them where they’re at, joining a collection of more than 700 Tonies figurines. In case you’re not familiar with the brand, Tonies figurines are used with a Toniebox, which is a square, screenless device that plays music and tells stories. Each figurine offers something different for children. Kids aged 3+ simply place a Tonies figurine on top of their Toniebox and listen. They can change the track at any point with a simple tap to the Toniebox, and swap out figurines as they wish.
Popular Tonies include Disney and Paw Patrol characters, superheroes and themes, like marine life. The newest Tonies are a little different, though. They’re focused on wellness and include Potty TrainingYoga and Mindfulness.
The Potty Training Tonie features a hilarious-looking poop emoji that gives kids a variety of information about going to the bathroom. It delivers facts and songs about using the potty (sample tunes: “The Underpants Dance” and “Don’t Throw Everything in the Potty”), and tells the story of kids named Jamie and Juniper who learn to go to the bathroom. This Tonie also talks up the importance of taking potty breaks, washing your hands after you go and the science behind why we go to the bathroom.

The Yoga Tonie is led by a cheerful llama named Sarah who is on a journey to discover the “four stones of happiness.” Sarah teaches kids easy yoga poses like tree pose and downward-facing dog over four stories, each of which have four to five yoga segments in them. This Tonie is designed to teach kids a mix of yoga, mindfulness, confidence and friendship.

Mo the sloth guides kids on meditative and relaxing exercises with the Mindfulness Tonie. This figurine unlocks journeys to eight different spots, including the jungle, under water and your own island, all led by Mo’s gentle voice. The Mindfulness Tonie is designed to teach kids about meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and exploration.

“I’ve been playing the mindfulness Sloth at bedtime for one of my kids who has trouble winding down,” says Rose Gordon Sala, Vetted deputy editor. “The voice is so soothing and friendly and takes you on a little exploration of the jungle, or you can skip straight to the mediation track. It has conked him right out after just a few minutes.”

Tonies President, Christoph Frehsee says the new Tonie figurines were released to coincide with New Year’s resolutions plenty of parents make. “What better time to introduce Tonies focused on wellness and new routines when this is something that’s top of mind for parents and their kids too?” he says.

Frehsee hopes families will have “fun without a screen” with the newest figurines. “Parents find themselves frequently saying ’no,‘ but the Toniebox and our world of Tonies is where kids get a big ‚yes‘ to endless listening, independent play and learning new skills,” he says.


Of course, you’ll need a Toniebox to use the new Tonies. If you don’t have one yet, a starter bundle will get you up and running with the Playtime Puppy Tonie, along with your choice of three additional figurines.