Merchantwise Renews World First emoji® Personalised Plates Queensland Partnership

Merchantwise has renewed its world first partnership for emoji® with Personalised Plates Queensland.

The partnership between the emoji company and Personalised Plates Queensland first launched in 2019, allowing Queenslanders to add character to their vehicles with an emoji® brand number plates range featuring nine of the most popular emoji ® brand icon designs available.

“We are incredibly pleased to be renewing our partnership with Personalised Plates Queensland for emoji®. It has been very successful over the last few years, and we can’t wait to see even more Queenslanders expressing themselves on the road with the emoji® brand icons,” said CEO and Founder of the emoji company, Marco Huesges.

The plates feature three letters and two numbers on regular and slimline sized personalised plates, with a stylish black design and their choice of nine available emoji® characters; face with the smile, heart eyes, sunglasses face, laugh out loud winking face, star eyes face, tongue out face, hug face and thumbs up.

“Demand for personalised plates continues to rise here in Queensland so we are thrilled to be renewing our partnership with the emoji company. The emoji® personalised plates have been incredibly popular for us, and we know this partnership will continue to be successful as it allows Queensland drivers to differentiate and express their personalities on the road,” said Aimee McGregor, Assistant General Manager, PPQ.

“Personalised plates are very popular here in Australia – especially in Queensland. We are excited to see this world first partnership be renewed again with Personalised Plates Queensland and look forward to seeing even more cars on the road with an emoji® brand icon on their number plate,” said Merchantwise Managing Director, Kerryn McCormack.