Emoji, Starr Ranch Harvest Produce Partnership

Starr Ranch Growers will release their first official produce partnership with Emoji.

Starr Ranch Growers will be the first United States produce company to partner with The Emoji Company for officially licensed apples, pears and cherries.

“Emoji brand icons are everywhere,” says Brett Reasor, chief executive officer, Starr Ranch. “Emoji the Iconic Brand encourage real-time engagement and add a personal element to marketing. We are especially excited because Emoji brand icons on packaging speak to younger demographics and foster two-way communication.”

In a deal brokered by The Emoji Company and its North American licensing agency Retail Monster, the company will include Emoji brand icons on packages of its top-selling varieties such as Gala, Honeycrisp and Fuji in an “apple snaq” pouch bag.

“The power of our brand and the use of the Emoji brand icons as a form of expression is universal, and the extension into the produce aisle is a natural fit given the appeal to all ages and genders because people use them daily to communicate,” says Marco Huesges, chief executive officer, The Emoji Company. “We are happy to support Starr Ranch and make healthy eating fun at the shelf level.”

The officially licensed Emoji produce will make its debut this summer.