Discover our great variety of poo emoji® icons!

Many famous figures such as actors and singers use digital emojis on a daily basis, especially in their social media profiles. Usually Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok posts are filled with these expressive cookies that help communicate and convey meaning. This trend does not only apply to the social media, though. We can see many music videos where artists make use of digital emojis.

Nowadays artists make use of every tool available to make their fans feel closer and the emoji language is the perfect visual language of emotion that anyone can use without any age, gender, religion or language barrier. By using an emoji icon in the digital space, many thoughts can be expressed.

Sometimes, however, these lack varieties and the emoji available for a specific situation is not as precise as we would like. For this reason, the emoji® brand has developed a huge variety of one of the most popular digital emojis ever: poo.

Because we want to widen the possibilities when it comes to written communication, we shouldered the responsibility to introduce the world to a new universe of different Poos! They all have amazing and creative features that will aid mankind in their visual playful to serious conversations.

Variety of emoji® brand Poos:

One of these famous figures, Gwen Stefani asked for more variety of the poop emoji. Now we did the job. The emoji® brand Poo icons come in a wide range of options. Take a look at only some of them!

  1. Bunny Poo

A cute, purple poo bunny, perfect emoji® brand icon choice for bitter-sweet situations in which you cutely want to call someone a douchebag but without them getting offended.

  • Celebration Poo

When the constipating obstacles are finally out of your life or your stomach, JUST CELEBRATE with this one, the celebration poo! How thoughtful, right? I know!

  • Rainbow Poo

Splash of colors, heart-shaped eyes and a big wide grim, this one is a complete package of happiness. When life is as smooth as freshly straightened hair, this emoji® brand icon comes into play.

  • Cool Poo

A poo emoji® brand icon with swag is the kind of expression we all need in life. Perfect to show how cool and relaxed you feel!

  • Heartbroken Poo

A brokenhearted poo, we all need this one from time to time!

  • Poppy Santa Vibes

A poo who has stolen Santa’s hat, but surely Santa does not want it back! Can’t wait for Christmas to come! Or I might just use it now!

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