emoji®renews deal with Fineti in Greece.

Greek company Chipita S.A. is renewing their Fineti dips & sticks products with an emoji collectible toy in every pack. The partnership with the emoji brand incorporates the key values of the brand: quality, taste & fun for the kids upgrading Fineti´s concept of “Eat & Play“. The deal was brokered by WildBrain CPLG on behalf of the emoji company.

Fineti is a chocolate confectionery brand that offers high quality products with great taste The brand is in the European market since 1990 and is currently marketed in more than 20 countries such as Greece, Romania, Balkans. It comprises Chipita’s confectionery range – mainly hazelnut praline products – for kids and adults.

Fineti Dips are the crispy breadsticks to dip in a delicious hazelnut spread with cocoa while Fineti Sticks are the mini sized wafer sticks with rich hazelnut & cocoa filling! Both products are available in size of 45g and can be found in supermarkets and selected points of sale for children. (for more info on the product please visit www.fineti.com).

The collection of emoji® premiums that can be found on pack are: erasers, sharpeners, stampers, sticky notes, key chains with more than 10 designs per collection!

“We are pleased to work with a company like Fineti and to be part of children´s everyday lunch who will be able to enjoy the delicious taste of this product and will also have the opportunity to collect a bunch of emoji® brand premiums for this back to school season“ said Marco Hüsges, CEO and Founder, the emoji company.