emoji® Freedent Get Romantic

A new social campaign has been revealed via a partnership between emoji and Freedent.

The Freedent x emoji collaboration was made to help the way people communicate in the modern world. emoji, Freedent and their advertising agency CLM BBDO have joined forces to create a campaign highlighting creativity and savoir-vivre in everyday communication between young couples or people that are dating.

«This partnership with Freedent and the beautiful message that is being spread shows the importance of emoji-The Iconic Brand as a universal lifestyle brand that conveys the most beautiful emotions: tenderness, complicity, love,” says Marco Huesges, chief executive officer and founder, the emoji company. “The range of emotions is infinite, and so is the way to express them! Thank you Freedent for highlighting this so well with this innovative and slightly offbeat campaign.”

FREEDENT has published, in partnership with the emoji brand a «Guide de la Drague» for the younger generation. This guide gives humorous examples of how to combine emoji brand icons to shine and succeed in the communication with loved ones to be more poetic than usual.

«We are delighted with this collaboration between emoji and Freedent,” says Jeanne Balédent, licensing manager, Wildbrain CPLG. “It illustrates the emoji brands most beautiful values: creativity, fun and respect. This campaign is appealing  for the recipients and inspire them to explore
the endless possibilities of communication” , says Jeanne Balédent, Licensing Manager at Wildbrain CPLG.