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If you are a technical company, an internet provider, a social media platform, an Instant Messaging Provider, a digital publisher, a TV or Film company or a company that offers to make free video and voice calls you do need to offer your customers globally recognized and legally protected content in combination with an unrivalled and fast support.

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The emoji company designed more than 25.000 emoji® brand icons and designs all protected under international copyright laws and available for official licensing. Moreover our firm owns more than 1000 trademarks globally in more than 30 classes for good and services.


More than 1000 known corporation from diverse industry sectors are our license partners.

Our partner come from multiple branch of industry and are true market leaders.
Under license they develop adorable fast moving consumer goods, produce activities and events, create and transact meaningful marketing and advertisement campaigns and develop entertainment formats in conjunction with the emoji® brand and its content.

Our clients include Sony Pictures Animation, Puma, Ferrero, Burger King, Pepsico, Zara, The Hershey Company, Unilever, Walmart, the BBC, Aldi, Nikon, Nestlé, L´Oreal, Lidl, Kellogg´s, Danone, Fuji, Johnson & Johnson, Chevrolet, the French Post amongst many others.

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