emoji®-The Iconic Brand become a common “language” around the world now. We all get used to use different emojis icons in our daily conversations with friends on computers and mobile devices to make interaction more vibrant. What is your favorite and most-used emoji icon? This Summer, Harbour City joins hands with the brand represented by Medialink Group Limited, emoji® Brand to host a fun Party from now on to 4 October 2022. We are bringing emoji icons into real life and you will find them scattered across in the shopping mall!

emoji® Summer @Harbour City is filled with games, prizes, photo spots, and more! There are classic game booths, check-in hotspots with ping pong table and gigantic seaview 3D photo frames, 3D paper cake workshop, emoji® Brand birthday party and pop-up store, etc. With the emoji® Summer Game Card, you can participate in the game booths to win different limited gifts and check-in at different hotspots across the mall to collect stamps. Let’s throw yourself into this exciting emoji® Summer Party!  

Start Your Summer Fun Journey with emoji® Summer Game Card

Get the emoji® Summer game card to kick off your emoji® Summer! With the eligible game card, you can participate in two classic game booths to win different emoji® Brand limited gifts including memo pad and stickers, and also check-in at 4 photogenic hotspots to collect emoji® Brand roller stamps.  Upon winning both games and collecting all stamps, you can get the emoji® Summer Doubled-Sided Tote Bag!

Game Card Sale Details

Methods1.       Purchase with HK$202.       Purchase with HK$10 special price upon joining the REWARDING EVERY DAY Promotion of Harbour City with spending of HK$3,000 or above
Date1. 12 to 31 August (Opens Daily)2. 1 September to 4 October (Opens on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday)
Time11am – 9pm
Locations1. Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City (Near Shop OTG11 Jumpin Gym)2. Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City (Near Shop GW2509-10 POLO RALPH LAUREN)

First Stop: emoji® Summer Classic Game Booths & Ping Pong Table

Living in the best memories of many, Coin Toss and Smash Hit are popular game booths. Harbour City redesigned these two games in emoji® Summer special edition, welcoming adults and kids! With over hundreds of icons “floating” on the Coin Toss booth, participants should throw tokens accurately on their faces. On the other hand, Smash Hit booth displays different summer fruits, cute animals, and sweet candies. Participants should knock down designated target graphic boards with bean bags. Successful challengers will have the chance to receive different limited gifts.

Don’t forget to visit emoji® Summer Ping Pong Table after you’ve accomplished the games. You will find the enlarged “Face with Tears of Joy” and “Face with Crossed-out Eyes” printed on the table tennis rackets. Remember to follow the facial expression to take some fun pictures!

Game Booths Opening Details

Date1. 12 to 31 August (Opens Daily)2. 1 September to 4 October (Opens on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday)
Time11am – 9pm
LocationLevel 2, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City (Near Shop OT233 Terrace in Seaside)

Second Stop: emoji® Brand Birthday Party & Pop-up Store – Join 3D Paper Cake Workshop Onsite

All the children are invited to join emoji® Brand Birthday Party this Summer! You are welcome to take group photos in front of the 6-meter-wide birthday party decoration with all the cakes and snacks served on the table. Children can also join the 3D paper cake workshop by paying HK$20 on-site. Exclusive party supplies such as birthday hats (HK$10), self-inflating balloon (HK$20), and party bunting (HK$30) are available at emoji® Brand pop-up store. Get the supplies and let your kids celebrate birthday at home with joy!

3D Paper Cake Workshop Opening Details

Date1. 12 to 31 August (Opens Daily)2. 1 September to 4 October (Opens on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday)
Time11am – 9pm
LocationAtrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City (Near Shop OTG11 Jumpin Gym)

Third & Fourth Stop: emoji® Summer Gigantic Seaview 3D Photo Frame – Swap Face with Hilarious Expression

The summer party extends to the seaview corridor at level 2 of Gateway Arcade of Harbour City. Two emoji® Summer gigantic Seaview 3D photo frames are placed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. Walk into the photo frame and swap your face with different funny expressions!

  • “Summer Beach” 3D photo frame: level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City (Near shop GW2518-9 Levi’s)
  • “Cycling Monkey” 3D photo frame: level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City (Near shop GW2509-10 POLO RALPH LAUREN)

Pre-order of emoji® Summer Special Edition Mahjong

From 18 August to 4 October 2022, customers can pre-order emoji® Summer Special Edition Mahjong upon joining REWARDING EVERY DAY promotion of Harbour City with designated spending!

Mahjong pre-order Details:

Same-Day Total Spending of REWARDING EVERY DAYPre-order Price
HK$5,000 or aboveHK$300
HK$15,000 or aboveHK$150

* Each person is limited to purchase one set; the quantity is limited while stock lasts. More details will be announced later.