emoji® The iconic Brand and J&M Brands working together again!

In a notable development emoji®- The iconic Brand enters into a long term agency agreement with J&M Brands once again.

The two companies first partnered for the Benelux region back in 2018. Having been part of the success of the brand back in 2018, J&M Brands now returns to represent the brand in the Benelux once more and highlight the incredible success this brand  has globally.

“This evergreen global brand stands the testament of time and is still as relevant today as it was almost a decade ago” says Monique Beck, CEO of J&M Brands. She adds “We are ecstatic about having the opportunity to partner with the emoji® Company again and look forward to expanding the reach of the emoji® brand in the Benelux with strategic partnerships and innovative programs in our region.”

Marco Hüsges, CEO and founder of the emoji company, expressed his enthusiasm, affirming, «We are excited to join hands once more with J&M Brands. We believe in the strategic expertise of J&M Brands, combined with the versatile nature of the emoji® brand, to drive exploration across various sectors and pioneer innovative partnership initiatives and collaborations.»