The vital use of digital emojis in our everyday lives!

Communication is a vital part of our lives and to maintain any meaningful relationship, be it with your family, friends and loved ones, it is sacrosanct to keep it going. In our ever-advancing world, there have been fancy new ways of making communication fun, easy and lively. One of such ways is the use of emojis. We make use of digital emojis in our day-to-day conversations in chats on various social media platforms.

In fact, most times, we do not need to write a word. Just by using digital emojis our icons our points are well sent yet holding so much meaning. More so, text communication overtime has been misconstrued, which often leads to misinterpretation and therefore arguments. What you mean and what you type may not be in sync and the receiver may also get it mixed up. The use of digital emojis has helped bridge the gap because the emotion of the sender is easily captured in those emoticons. This has helped add meaning to our written messages.

Why we use digital icons in our everyday lives!

Icons have come to stay as far as our written communication is concerned and this has undoubtedly made conversations easier, faster and more thrilling. These little wonders make the task of writing messages less daunting and more entertaining for both the reader and the sender.

Usually, physical presence is key to really understand and feel included in any communication, but pictographs, which are the 21st century’s digital answer to the fact that we cannot always be present, has made life easier.

Digital emojis have made communication of our emotions easier, which sometimes words cannot do. Not only do they brighten up conversations, but they also have the ability to convey happiness, excitement, disappointment or even anger. Another positive aspect is that they help us save space and time when texting. They have come to replace slangs and acronyms as it is a globally-recognized iconography. They can be used in text messages, photos and even in some formal settings like slack channels.

Those cute icons and pictographs help us convey meaning and sentiment, save time and space, and what’s more, they are super cute. There’s no reason not to love them!

emoji® brand and Romero Britto

The emoji company is the creator of the globally-awarded and highly-influential lifestyle emoji® brand. Recently we have signed up a great collaboration with the world-renowned visual artist by name, Romeo Britto. The emoji® brand and Romero Britto came together and formed one of the finest synergies and combining the power of arts and the magic of the emoji® brand to create a globally-impacting work.

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By M. Guillermina Bagilet