emoji® Enters Web3 with RECUR

First series of poo emoji NFTs come to life across Web3, led by emoji “poosonality,” Barry Dingle.

The emoji brand and RECUR are partnering to bring the icons to Web3, together launching the inaugural emoji brand NFT collection. The collection, emoji forever: the first drop, powered by RECUR, will include 2,222 PFPs of the poo emoji icon, from rainbow poo to sprinkle poo.  

To support the launch, emoji and RECUR have enlisted the help of an emoji brand icon named Barry Dingle. Starting Sept. 22, select fans will have the opportunity to join Barry Dingle by purchasing a poo NFT.  

Emoji icons in digital communication are a core element; from texting to Twitter, they bring joy to our days and fill our world with color and personality,” says Zach Bruch, founder and chief executive officer, RECUR. “We’re thrilled to bring this expressive brand to life in Web3 with the introduction of official emoji NFTs, going beyond letters and numbers and lending a voice and personality to Web3 with the emoji icons our fans know, love and use every day.”