You probably never asked yourself why there are so many available emoji® brand icons – you simply found what you need, and you’ve been happy. But there’s more then it meets the eye: When you are creating a massive icon database like ours you want to ensure that they have all required options.

Diversity on a biblical scale

The publishing date of this post doesn’t only mark an important date in the Christian calendar but also gives us a great reason to speak about diversity and how to welcome everyone. For those of you who don’t fully remember the story:

On the 6th of January three kings from the east – also known as the biblical magi – came to Bethlehem to gift three gifts to the newborn Jesus. We don’t want to entangle ourselves to much into theological ideas but let’s say this much: The three weren’t only well-educated astronomers but also all had different skin colors. This matters as all…

… emoji icons are equally important!

And so are their users. To put an emphasis on this we have decided to include the variety of skin colors into our icons without discriminating. With over 17,000 icons it is not only a massive task but also an immense joy – hence our company’s motto: “emotional. multicultural. official. joyful. iconic.” – to make this happen. To support this mission, we’ve decided to use the so called “Fitzpatrick Scale”; a gauge on who to classify the response of skin to the suns UV light.

So if you are looking for a certain you can follow this example:


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