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• emoji® is a registered trademark

• 550 license partners worldwide and rising

• Broad trademark protection in more than 25 classes

• 10.000+ icons for cross category merchandising

• Individual Icon Design upon customer inquiry

We are emoji® – The Iconic Brand.

Pictures can say more than a thousand words. Using icons within digital communication has become the phenomenon of the 21st century. Back in 2013 the emoji company realized the expressive power of using icons such as the Poo, the Monkey or the Unicorn in digital communication.

Inspired by those unlimited opportunities to communicate the emoji company decided to create emoji® – The Iconic Brand, a truly universal lifestyle brand for people of all ages and any gender.

Within the past 4 years the emoji company created the world´s biggest and impressive library of icons available for legal licensing and cross category merchandising.

Today the emoji company has successfully established the official emoji® brand in the market and signed more than 550 noteworthy partnerships with the biggest corporations all around the globe.

Official emoji® products are sold in more than 100 countries by more than 550 global corporations. Partners include firms such as Sony Pictures Animation, Ferrero, Zara, Kellogg´s, Nestle, C&A, Nikon, Fuji, Random House, Universal Music, Walmart, The Swiss Post amongst many others.

In addition, the emoji company offers its customers personalized content and develops customized icons for specific areas of application according to customer request, as has been done, for example, for the IAFF at the World Athletics Championships in London in 2017.

The outstanding licensing package offered by emoji company comprises the right to brand products and services with the trademark emoji® and to advertise, sell and distribute such products and services under the emoji® branding.

The emoji company offers legal security and safety to its partners and grants its official licensees access to more than 10.000 copy­righted and protected icons available for legal licensing and merchandising, for promotions, events and marketing activities, whether print, online or for TV commercials.

If you are interested in becoming an official emoji® brand partner and are interested in legitimate licensing of icons developed by the emoji company please contact us at:


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emoji® presents: "Gym"

emoji® presents: "Serenade"

emoji® presents: "Valentine´s Day"

emoji® presents: "Mosquito"

emoji® presents: "Interchange"

emoji® presents: "S... Happens"

emoji® presents: "Crazy Party"

emoji® presents: "Monkey Business"

emoji® presents: "The Swing"

emoji® in the market


We are the emoji company, the owner of the official emoji® trademark.

We offer a growing library of high resolution icons for commercial use and we are your official partner when it comes down to creating adorable fast moving consumer products (FMCG´s) under the official emoji® branding.

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Valuable content is essential to drive any brand.

By today the portfolio of the emoji company already contains more than 10.000 in house created icons and / or illustrations available for immediate commercial use.

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Universal, fresh and addictive! Styles by emoji®

Products shown on this site have been created together with our license partners or serve as an indication for the variety of our iconic brand concept.

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The official emoji® brand.

emotional. multicutural. official. joyful. iconic.